Genre - Hardcore

    Location - Charlotte, NC

    Members -

    Sid - Vocals
    Jim - Guitar
    Krom  - Bass
    Chad - Drums


    Annabel Lee is hard-fucking-core music. What that means, if you're not sure, is don't get into one of their pits if you  aren't prepared to come out with some bruises and perhaps a bloodied nose or lip. Shit gets real at one of their shows, and the music reflects this aspect. I'm strongly reminded of Earth Crisis when I listen to this group, though Annabel Lee has more of a thrashier sound. There's a lot of talent evident in this band, and for hardcore it comes across remarkably organized and harmonic. I'd highly recommend attending one of their shows, but don't blame me if you get in over your head. You've been warned.

    No videos...yet.